Featuring Works by Sunder Ramu


                                                                                    EYEMAGE GALLERY

Eyemage is a contemporary Art Gallery  with offices in Singapore and India.

Eyemage represents both Established, Award Winning Artists and Talented Upcoming Artists. .


Photographer and now Gallery Director Kamal Chilaka was looking for venues to exhibit his photographic works in India. He quickly came to the conclusion that there wasn't much support and encouragement for photographic works from the traditional galleries specially in South India. He decided to start Eyemage Gallery to promote the works of Fine Art Photographers in India in a state  of the Art Gallery encompassing 3 exhibit spaces in 9000 sq ft of pristine . The Gallery is located in the fast growing OMR area of Chennai.That was in 2014..

The Gallery has since grown to include other mediums and now promotes the works of Artists from Singapore, India, Bangladesh, North America and Europe.

The Gallery now showcases Contemporary Works in mediums such as Photography, Oil on Canvas, Acrylic on Canvas, Assemblage, Metal Sculptures, Watercolours and Mixed Media.

After  participating in Art Fairs in Singapore since 2015 Eyemage Gallery opened its Singapore Gallery in 2017 to cater to the growing clientele for the Artists it represents.


Eyemage Gallery is a unit of Eyemage Photoart SG Pte Ltd