Bringing Nature into your home

Photography has a long and fascinating history with the natural world. As a subject within Art, in many ways it extends from the traditions of Romanticism, where man is humbled and bettered through authentic experiences with the wild and beautiful natural environment. With the technical and creative developments that are being made by the most cutting edge Fine Art Photographers working today, these unique shots of nature can be immortalized as images and be hung in your own interiors.

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The currents that flow through contemporary Landscape Photography are varied and stimulating, and reveal Mother Nature in ways that you will have never seen her before. 


Kamal Chilaka is an Artist with a gift for finding the exact time and place to shoot in order to capture the essence of each landscape. His photographs of rocky terraces and confluences in Yellowstone National Park are excellent examples of an Artist with a fine sensibility for colour, texture and light. He balances perfectly the harsh textures of the rocks with the clear, crisp blue sky and icy sheets of glassy water.  Chilaka often divides his compositions into bands of texture and colour, like natural geometric grids and this effect concentrates our attention onto the contrasts between the different elements within his photographs. Atmospheric and engrossing, his Artworks are like windows into the natural world.


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In his project ‘Eye on Infinity’ German Photographer Michael Ruetz shot a mountain range, with an expansive valley in the foreground, once every day for a year. The Camera was kept in the same spot, and the resulting series of photographs is breathtaking. The singular positioning reveals the huge spectrum of weather conditions and seasonal changes. Over time the photographs document the shifting colours of the landscape, the falling of the snow and the movement of rain. Some of the most impressive large format prints depict huge lightning storms that split the skies with sheets of purple and tempestuous clouds fretted with golden fire. Using long exposures he creates powerful atmospheres, yet the rigorous discipline of the project ties the whole series together effectively and intelligently. 

Roni Horn, an American Artist who works a great deal in the beautiful volcanic scenery of Iceland, constantly works on an ongoing series of photographs of water. She uses her camera to document different types of water from all over the island and the surrounding sea. In some places the rivers, streams and lakes are crystal clear and calm, in others, thick and peaty with minerals and iron, or even rough and stormy. Her photographs of nature fill the entire composition of each print, and the repetitive, analytical process reveals the idiosyncrasies that come to the surface when they are displayed together. 

All these examples demonstrate how contemporary photography continues and develops our fascinating and ancient relationship with nature. They ask us to slow down and contemplate, and to appreciate the natural environment in all its magnificent ways. Top quality Fine Art Photographs bring this sense of natural wonder into your interior.