Rich Photographic Narratives for your Interiors

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Photography is one of the most relevant, exciting and aesthetically stunning mediums within Contemporary Art. It is universal, a form that everyone can relate to, because everybody takes pictures, and because of its unrivalled ability to capture the incredible events, atmospheres, scenes, people and cultures of the world in an instant. When used as an artistic tool, the camera becomes a new eye that sees the world in an original way.

The influential French writer Roland Barthes made the poetic statement that each photograph is like the light from a star, shining back at us from the past. Every Fine Art photograph is a record in this way, with the skill and talents of the Artist capturing a moment in their own particular fashion. What is equally fascinating, beyond the image of the photograph itself, is the story that lies behind. In order to take incredible and unique shots, each artist has travelled to different parts of the world, trekked to inhospitable places, and captured unforgettable moments, or found and photographed the everyday beauty that they have discovered all around them. 

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The Artists here at Eyemage constantly push their technical skills and creative minds in order to find new and captivating ways to visually articulate their chosen subjects. Bringing these innovative artworks into your own home adds class, style and interest to your interior surroundings. When you hang a new photo, you also bring with it the rich narrative that unfolds from the image, the story behind the photograph.

This adds even more to your interior design. The initial impact of the colours, textures, lighting, composition and subject of your chosen photograph can set a powerful atmosphere, air of elegance, and mood to a room. Upon further inspection, the deeper layers of the photograph unfurl, how was it taken? Where is the shot from? A great artist intuitively knows how to combine all these aspects in order to achieve balance and harmony and create a powerful, unforgettable image. 

 Robbie Wild Hudson