Size: 34"x34"x15"

The Buzz, it doesn't go away.

Its feeding on what's outside, making meanings out of the seemingly meaningless.

But the dots, they connect in my mind,inside.Constantly.

Over seconds,minutes and years till I lose track. On and on, till even I think its all just chaos.A chaos of bubbling emotions, floating memories and simmering consciousness. All made real by existence.

Yet, what I see is not what you see.That's the fun.The real reality is elusive, will-o-the wisp.

The eternal shape-shifter.Its all in the head.Yet Not.

I am the head.So,I am.

You are the head.Therfore, you are.

Curious.Very curious.

CuRIOSA,in keeping with the tradition of Assemblage Art,is the meaningful nothing,anything, something. Through the rich texture and colours of copper,brass,wood and many a perfect finding,it urges you to open the First Eye and explore the idea of Singularity in your own way,in your own time. 

- Kunal Naik 

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