Our Curators

                                               Asja Nastasijevic
Asja Nastasijevic is an Art Historian with a major in Modern Art. After graduation from the University of Belgrade, Serbia in 2007, Asja started her career as a Curator in commercial galleries in her home country. 
In 2010, she decided to expand her professional expertise towards the protection of cultural and artistic heritage and acquired a Master degree in Cultural and Heritage Management from the University of Turin, Italy. 
In the meantime, she became increasingly interested in Art Criticism and started writing features and exhibition reviews of her choice for various national and international magazines dedicated to the Arts. At the same time she continued to work as a Freelance Curator. Asja lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.
                                            Robbie Wild Hudson
Robbie Wild Hudson is a Writer and an Artist from the UK, now based in Berlin. He has written for a wide spectrum of Artists and Galleries around the world including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.
As an Artist his work is inspired by journeys, treks and wild swims through places such as the Himalayan and Atlas Mountains, The Scottish Highlands and the Cumbrian Lakes. Wild Hudson has exhibited in London, Berlin, Toronto and Kendal. 
He holds two world-swimming records, including a crossing of the Corrywreckan, the third largest whirlpool on the planet.